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Now that Netflix is pushing their "streaming only" option as the preferred method, is anyone a bit concerned? I have opted for DVDs only for a couple reasons.

(1) Streaming has been very unreliable here for the last couple months.
(2) Streamable selection kind of sucks.

Also, my only available cable provider for my internet use is Craptastic Comcast/Xfinity.
They are quite pissy about download/upload use. They actually CUT OFF one man here in the state for the next twelve months for going over what they considered "normal" use. He uses his internet for movies, music, online JOB, and accessing the "Cloud" and it adds up.

Presumably, one could watch enough movies to go over Comcast's current limits. Then what?

I know Comcast claims it is a liberal amount, but they parse it in terms of downloaded MUSIC...which takes less than movies. So, while I am terribly unschooled in this particular aspect of online life, it does make me wonder.

Especially since Comcast/Xfinity is a competitor with Netflix, I see trouble ahead.
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So for instance, our current $9.99 a month membership for unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs will be split into 2 distinct plans:

Plan 1: Unlimited Streaming (no DVDs) for $7.99 a month
Plan 2: Unlimited DVDs, 1 out at-a-time (no streaming), for $7.99 a month.

The price for getting both of these plans will be $15.98 a month ($7.99 + $7.99). For new members, these changes are effective immediately; for existing members, the new pricing will start for charges on or after September 1, 2011.

Read more at the source...

WTF Netflix?! I just told my mom (the owner of our account) and her response? "Uh uh, no way! They can kiss my ass!"

What do you all think?
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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Sony movies were pulled from Netflix Inc.'s online streaming service Friday because of what Netflix said is a "temporary contract issue" between Sony Corp. and its pay TV distributor, Starz.

Netflix notified its members in a blog post on Friday, when movies such as "Easy A" and "Grown Ups" stopped being available on its "Watch Instantly" service. They are still available to be rented as DVDs through the mail.

Starz said in a statement that "all parties are working diligently to resolve the issue."

Read more at the source...

I noticed that several movies had disappeared from my Instant Queue without warning, and this is why. According the source, Sony may be wanting A LOT more from Netflix in order to have their movies on Instant Watching. I hope they do renew their contract, but I'm thinking that may raise our monthly fee. Worth it? Maybe.
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The National Association of the Deaf, in a lawsuit filed in Massachusetts federal court, accused Netflix of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by not providing the deaf with equal access to its "watch instantly" digital video.

"While streaming (video) provides more access to entertainment to the general public, it threatens to be yet another barrier to people who are deaf and hard of hearing," the lawsuit said.

Another advocacy group and three individuals filed a separate suit on Wenesday against Time Warner (TWX.N). Both lawsuits seek injunctions requiring the companies to provide closed captions on all streaming video content.

Read more at the source...

Netflix ignoring their customers has been a real trend lately, so I can't say I'm surprised. They need to get their act together, or they're sure to lose even more customers in the near future.

Does the lack of closed captioning effect anyone here on DW?

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Netflix doesn’t appear to be having the best week when it comes to PR. A couple days ago the company rolled out a redesign, which has been met with overwhelming hostility from users. It’s not completely unanimous, but it’s clear that a lot of people are pissed, and some are saying they’re going to cancel their accounts.
Read more at the source...

So Netflix users, how do you feel about the issues brought up?

I personally HATE the new layout. It's ugly, and the new scrolling feature is irritating. It's not so bad that I'd want to cancel, but I do hope they change it back. I'm not sure how to feel about them replacing the genres. I like the current system, so I guess it depends on what they do to it. I would like to see a "browse by decade feature" since I've been wanting to watch some 80s movies.


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