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If you have Netflix streaming I recommend watching "Terriers"! It is GREAT. It is only one season long.

It is about 2 private detectives. Hank is an ex-cop who is a recovering alcoholic. His partner Brit is an ex-thief. They have really great chemistry and banter. Early on, they uncover some kind of conspiracy in their town of Ocean Beach, CA, which forms the arc of the season. There are also a few stand-alone episodes and some relationship stuff.

Brit's girlfriend Katie, a vet student, is also a regular character, as is Hank's ex-wife Gretchen. Hank's old cop partner, Sgt. Gustafson, is also a character. There is a sense of backstory between all these people, of family. They get in fights, make serious mistakes, and go forward with their relationships anyway. They joke and banter with each other. I loved this aspect of the show. One of my favorite arcs involved Hank's relationship with his sister.

Both Brit and Hank show a huge range of emotion. They are not shy of showing affection towards each other. This would be a good slash pairing-- one that hopefully included Katie in an OT3/open relationship kind of thing. There was a plot line in canon that did not support this, and that frustrated me, but oh well, you know, canon schmanon. There was also an episode involving a trans* prostitute that I could not tell if it was offensive of not? It seemed OK to me, if a little awkward because it was trying a little too hard in the way that a show tries to address a social justice issue.

Overall this show was good! Highly recommended. Also Brit is super cute (I nearly forgot to say).
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Here are some movies I've watched recently via Netflix.


What a disappointment! My friend and I were looking forward to this one after really enjoying Tipping the Velvet; both movies are based on Sarah Waters novels and are historical lesbian romances. But Fingersmith was about people that we hated, was too long, didn't have kinky sex like the other one did, and was dreary. It's hard to care about a movie when you dislike all the characters-- they were lying manipulative people, every one! Boo. Also no captions!

Despicable Me

What a joy! This is a computer-animated film about a super-villain, Gru, who is trying to steal the moon. He adopts three girls in order to use their cookie-selling abilities to get into the fortress of his arch-enemy, Vector. Gru is never very evil, and he finds out that he enjoys being a parent. This is a creative, detailed, funny film.

Little Voice

"A telephone repairman (Ewan McGregor) and a music promoter (Michael Caine) play second fiddle to Little Voice (Jane Horrocks), a young woman whose beautiful pipes could pack a thousand cabarets. Trouble is, she can only sing along to records in her room. This British charmer was a sleeper hit among the indie set thanks to its winning mix of romance, hope and humor."

I loved this film and highly recommend it! It has somewhat of a romance (or perhaps only a friendship) between shy people, which is a soft spot for me. The parts with the emotionally abusive mother might be hard to watch for some people. Streaming.

Wilby Wonderful with Callum Keith Rennie, Paul Gross, Sandra Oh, and Ellen Page

I didn't know this had queer content! I only knew it was a "Canadian actors/CD6" film. I loved this little movie about a small town called Wilby and the people who live there. Trigger warning for multiple suicide attempts, but it is not a sad movie. I liked that it is about flawed people who are trying, and about relationships. Streaming.

The Way Back with Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Jim Sturgess, Saoirse Ronan

I recommend this movie if, like me, you like tales of survival, epic journeys, nature, and landscapes. Several men decide to escape from a gulag at the beginning of WWII, travel South through Siberia and into Mongolia. Once there they decide to keep going into Tibet. It is the sort of journey where not everyone makes it and they have to eat bugs and things. I loved it. It has captions and is streaming.

Kick Ass with Nicholas Cage. Streaming.

This is about a teenager, Dave, who decided to try out being a superhero. Trouble is, he has no superpowers, just a costume and faith. He finds out that others like him exist, and that being a hero is really, really dangerous.

I like this film a lot but had some reservations. It's not a movie for people who don't like violence. I did find it well-written and engaging, and I like how it realistically treated the internet: the older gangsters didn't think of using the internet but the kids were all over social networking sites and youtube. There was a subplot involving Dave being rumored to be gay, which I thought to be the stupidest subplot ever. He reaps all the supposed benefits of this rumor (namely attention from girls) without any of the negative consequences! This film also emphasized how dangerous crime-fighting might be, which is not always apparent from other similar films. There is also a young girl crime fighter (Hit Girl), which some people criticized this film for having-- but people within the film also criticized her father (Nicholas Cage) for raising her that way. It was an interesting film.

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Another mini review from me, and I do recommend this one! I also watched "White Oleander" tonight, which I've seen once before. Great book and a great movie. It also won't be available to instant watch after the 22nd!

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Don't be shy about posting what you've been watching!
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I just finished watching "Love and Other Disasters" on Instant Watching, since it says it'll be unavailable after June 17th. If you like romantic comedies, which are more on the cheesy side, I'd definitely recommend this one. I couldn't help but smile during some parts. I wrote a little review which I'm sticking behind the cut. There's no spoilers though!

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Now I'm about to begin a "My So-Called Life" marathon! I was only 4 when this show was originally on, so I didn't watch it then. But when The-N (now Teen Nick) picked it up, I was hooked! Too bad there's only one season. I'm just really excited that Netflix has it on Instant Watching!
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