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Name:Netflix on Dreamwidth
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Community description:This community is for people who love movies/TV/documentaries, and use Netflix to watch them.
Welcome to [community profile] netflix_dw, your friendly DW community dedicated to Netflix!

Even if you are not a Netflix member, feel free to watch/join this community. You may discover a new movie/TV show/documentary, or you might decide to give Netflix a try! You're also welcome to join in on discussions of what other members are watching.

What is this community about?
1) Sharing your experiences with Netflix, whether that be good or bad.
2) Comparing Netflix to other rental services.
3) Recommending movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. Especially little known ones, and those available on Instant Watching. Watched a movie and didn't like it? Anti-recommendations also welcome!
4) Reviews of things you've watched from Netflix.
5) Sharing what's in your Netflix Queue.
6) Discussions of movies/shows/documentaries you have watched on Netflix or if you'd like an opinion on something before you watch it.
7) Netflix news and announcements.

What are the rules?
1) Be nice! If someone recommends a movie which you think sucks, that's fine. Say WHY you didn't like it, but don't attack the original poster or others who enjoyed it.

2) Use tags! Please use the appropriate tags for your post. If one doesn't exist, just ask.
-If you're posting a review or a recommendation, please tag your post as such. Also use the applicable genre tags. If it's available on Instant Watching, tag that too.
-If your post contains spoilers, please use the !spoiler tag. Make sure you put the text which contains the spoilers beneath a cut.

3) No wild formatting! Please don't make entire posts of huge font and bright colors. Standard formatting is suggested, but uses of bold/color/size to emphasize a word/phrase is acceptable.
-Posts main contain pictures, which cannot be more than 650px wide. Only ONE may be outside of a cut, and NO hotlinking!

4) Stay on topic! This is a community about Netflix specifically, and movies/TV shows/documentaries in general. Please don't post about movies you saw at the theater over the weekend. Movies you rented from Netflix over the weekend, however, are fine.

5) No asking for gift subscriptions! Simple as that, don't do it.

6) Have fun! If you don't enjoy discussing movies/shows/documentaries, don't join.

7) Spread the word! Know someone on DW who uses Netflix, or is considering signing up? Let them know about us!
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